Time for Your Office Renovation

Time for Your Office Renovation

Everyone loves a change and what better change than a renovation. Chances are the impacts of Covid are still lingering in the air and your needs for your office are significantly different to what they were pre pandemic. We’ve all discovered the perks that come with working from home and most of us are abundantly eager to incorporate that into our new normal. Perhaps over the last 2 years your business has grown and you’ve taken on more staff, perhaps it’s the opposite and you’ve had to do some downsizing – it’s not been a kind couple of years for many of us. Whatever the reasons driving your need for an upgrade there’s plenty of ways to spruce things up. 

Originally, we all thought we’d be heading home for a month or two and making the impossible work until the whole thing blew over – boy were we wrong. We packed up our ergonomic desk chairs and all the stationary we thought we might need and stressed about how we would get our work done without printers and that second screen. We muddled through childcare and taught our older colleagues the joys of Teams, we tackled Australia post delays and in time we adapted. Fast Forward a few months, (and a couple of lockdowns) and we now see all the benefits that come from working at home. No more dreaded commutes, plenty of extra time to get the household chores done, the savings in not buying that second coffee – how could we ever go back to the way things were before.  

Now that a hybrid combination of working from home and being in the office is what many businesses (and employees) are pushing for, a lot of people are looking to downsize their office space. Gone are the requirements for everyone to be in 9-5 Monday to Friday and gone with it are the same requirement of facilities. How you go about these updates will depend on the ways your office space will now be used. For smaller businesses or those who’s post pandemic office hours won’t have changed that much, a simple rearrange and upgrade in furniture might be all you need. For others that will see a revolving door of who will be in on a given day may need to also install a layout that supports hot desking with small meeting rooms to suit the needs of their teams. For larger companies that are made up of many smaller teams and departments it is unlikely all members of staff will be in the office at the same time with any regularity. In these cases, you may want to look into a downsize or even leasing the excess space you no longer have need for.

Once you’re happy with the layout, there are a number of simple ways you can add a little sparkle to give it a new feeling. A simple lick of paint will have the place looking as fresh as can be. Perhaps it’s time to update the carpet and fix all the signs of wear and tear. 

If you want a little something extra, incorporate some aesthetic updates such as a timber feature wall – just don’t forget that timber sealer. You can get as creative as you like with wall hangings or blackboard paint to make your little space feel brand new. 

If you’re looking for a bigger change or you’ve perhaps just sourced a new space and want to personalise there are some little things, often overlooked, that positively impact the quality of your office space and the experience of your workers. 

  1. Where possible, really maximise your natural light. Like all other living things, us humans tend to function better when we’re fuelled with natural light. This will help with your employee’s morale, energy, and mental health which in turn will increase the quality of their work. Where possible, install large windows – bonus points if you’ve not a view to inspire. 
  • Keep things open and collaborative. Much like an open plan home helps bring a family together, an open plan office will encourage your staff to intermingle. It’s a common mistake in managers to limit non-work-related interactions as these are often when the best ideas come to light. On the whole, people thrive better when they are part of a community, allowing teams to integrate and intermingle will foster a feeling of belonging and help with staff retention and better work output. 
  • Consider your color pallet. Don’t just plan the individual ideas you have to improve the space, make sure you have a vision for the final result. Decide on a color scheme early on and work your plans around it – perhaps you have a colourful logo or letterhead that you can base it around. Studies have shown that colours can really impact mood. You can use this to create the atmosphere you require and that best motivates and supports work output. 
  • Think sustainably. We’ve heard it once, we’ve heard it a million times, but this one is imperative. Where possible, opt not to cut corners and instead invest in materials and equipment that are designed to last. Of all the filing cabinets, desks, and office chairs Melbourne has to offer, chose the ones that are made from sustainable materials and are made to stay in your office and not end up in a landfill after a couple of years. People want to work for and invest in companies that are environmentally conscious, the future depends on big businesses doing their bit. You can take this sustainability a step further by providing adequate recycling options and opting for materials such as wood or glass rather than plastic. Think outside the box, ensure your timber floor cleaner (especially your wooden floor cleaner) and surface wipes etc are all eco-friendly. 
  • Think green – literally. People love plants, they’re great for a bit of added color but they also increase oxygen levels in your office. Can’t hurt, right? Lots of offices fall into the trap of low maintenance plastic plants that look good (sometimes) but do nothing. It’s a common misconception that keeping plants alive is hard work and requires too much attention. If you pick your plants carefully, they’ll need less TLC than your printer. Not to mention, they’re an easy mood booster and very popular.