How To Plan A Perfect Romantic Getaway

How To Plan A Perfect Romantic Getaway

Putting the pieces of the romantic puzzle together

A romantic getaway could be a spur of the moment idea. To make it feel like magic, the trick is to plan it properly. Here are a few tips to make sure your getaway really blows you both away.

First things first. Timing is the key to a relaxing getaway.

Time – It can be your best friend or your worst enemy when it comes to a romantic trip.

1: Work out how much time you can get away

2: Calculate how long it will take to go and get back from your destination

3: Add in any extra time for delays and the unexpected

4: Estimate if you can extend your time away

5: Make sure everyone who can interrupt your time knows that you are ‘out of contact.’

There can be nothing worse than finally relaxing and enjoying some special intimate moment; then suddenly there’s a question about work like ‘What’s the latest on our business IT solutions?’. That work-life balance needs to tip over to the latter for your time away.

There’s no need to feel guilty about your romantic escape, especially when others know that you aren’t ignoring them; you’re just spending some special time with someone special.

Location, location, location

That is the mantra about real estate, but it’s the same for your getaway destination.

It can be a small detail but a big mistake to make if you don’t choose the right place.

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First of all, there is the area you two are heading to. It could be by the sea, snuggled in the hills, up on a mountain or at a special scenic spot.

It pays to do a check for any possible disruption or delay, such as the wrong time of year for weather in that area (too hot, too rainy or too crowded). Then there’s the chance of something like major roadworks or no local activities. 

If you can foresee any troubles, then you can avoid heading to a place that will only bring you disappointment.

It’s always good to double-check if the arts festival, farmer’s market, special restaurant, or tourist attraction will be open when you’re there. Plan ahead, and you’ll never regret it.

The right setting

Once you’ve got the location, then it’s time to find the perfect accommodation for your getaway.

While a B&B might sound lovely for a quiet weekend, you might want to know if the hosts are ‘hands-off’ or if you’re expected to be part of the group that could be staying there. 

Having to join in for dinner or breakfast might kill some of the special closeness that you’re after.

On the other side of the coin, you may not want to be stuck in a large hotel (or conference accommodation) that has anything but a sterile feel. That can make your romantic escape seem like you are doing something seedy.

Not everyone loves a little cottage to stay in, but a quiet place to stay with some special charm can add to the whole romantic experience.

Taking along a special romantic gift or basket of goodies can bring an extra spark to the time away.

Sometimes you can plan ahead and have a bottle of champagne, strawberries and chocolates ready when you get to your lover’s hideaway.

Ideas for a romantic theme

Some couples like to share something that is all their own when they’re all alone together.

Dressing up in special outfits or even something from a period costume can be a fun way of making the occasion one that you won’t forget.

Maybe the dressing up can go all the way with a fun element. You could think about using the power of Halloween contact lenses. There’s a lot of excitement in trying different coloured contact lenses as part of a mischievous adventure. 

That dress-up could be a Cosplay connection with one person wearing blue contacts for their character and the other some fiery red eye contacts. The only limit is your imagination.

Some couples even go as far as being a cop and robber, where one tries to arrest the other, and if their partner loves to play games, then they are up for a challenge. This might not sound so much romantic, but the game element can help them to create some beautiful memories.

Remember that it’s your time away together and whatever you feel comfortable with and enjoy is all yours. You don’t have to share all the tiny details on social media. Just make the most of each moment.

A way to spoil yourselves

The whole idea of a romantic getaway is to spoil each other and enjoy your time without other demands and distractions.

You could also reward yourselves with a gift for one another. Maybe one likes a really fancy wine, and the other would love a niche item like trying one of the best non Cuban cigars. It could be that you both have always wanted to try something new, like a hot air balloon ride or a dip in the hot springs. 

Planning it months ahead doesn’t mean killing the joy of the getaway. It can actually build the excitement and anticipation of the adventure.

With all the steps in the right place, you could find yourselves on the path to a truly fabulous time together.

The best planning always includes having a Plan B if something goes wrong or if your perfect planning has to change or be delayed.

Remember to think about checking for refunds or cancellation fees if either of you gets sick or if there is something unexpected like a breakdown with your car or a close friend’s surprise party.

Just because you take a logical look at your time away doesn’t mean you are taking the romance out of it.

What could be more romantic than having everything fall perfectly into place because you have planned your little escape to perfection?

The best part is that you have every chance to do it all again, or maybe at the same time every year, because you’ve done it right the first time.

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